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‘Aaina’ is based upon a Japanese story by Chiomihara and is translated by Shri Aman Chaturvedi. The original story was published in “Rang prasang” . After reading it, I felt encouraged to play it into mime. It was indeed unique and challenging experiment. The dialogues were very intense and well designed and it was almost impossible to put forth the ideas without words. Though we know that we will not able to use the dialogues but still we are trying to communicate the concept in the best possible way through our gestures and expressions.

‘Aiana’ is being staged as a mime, to make it more interesting and entertaining, the mime begins with choreography of mirror game, which is a small depiction of journey undertaken by human beings from Stone Age to mechanical age. This is followed by mime ‘Aiana’. Another choreography comes up in an angered from. This story also gives us an insight into human psyche when a man tries to dominate and what happens when it turns to be an illusion. This also brings to us the excessive materialism and the needless use of the commodities to which we are being enslaved.

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