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Our existence in this world is just a coincidence, No one ever knows for how long this flight of fate will last. Just like a bubble's birth and burial none of us know, when the end would come to stop the breath of life. Inspite of all these facts of fate we draw boundaries which sets in the pride of being a human. Then comes the transformation of pride into arrogance, self respect into dark, demeaning, endless ego and it is this feeling that makes the whole world and its wonderful beings too small to be looked upon. Praising and pointing the positive reforms that unity brings in, efforts are put in only for individuality. There by considering oneself the special super individual.

The nature of cheat and treat to victory and the deadly zeroing in on one's own inner self, thereby cheating one's own self and inner conscience.

The inner self is desperate to talk to us. No one hears. Depressed and defeated our inner self bundles up quietly into a corner, never to cry out again and we take all the credible prize for this derogatory defaming victory.

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