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Budha In Showcase

The story of Buddha’s life is age old but his thoughts and preachings, his ideals and principles are contemporary. The play “Buddha In showcase” is not merely a saga of his life but an effort to analyze and feel his spiritual state. Hence ,the play is a doorway to thoughts of spiritual vision which touch the innermost depths of our hearts.

The play begins with the dream of Mahamaya. Thereafter students learning history, ask their teacher about Gautam Buddha and from here starts the story of the journey of reaching the stage of becoming Gautam Buddha. Herein is projected on the stage, the symbolisms of evils, of the present. The events dramatized on the three sided stage are related to each other presenting continuity taking the story ahead to its climax. A combination of dialogue and miming thus presented is an innovative experiment which reaches Buddha to his highest state whereby certain questions raised to the present by Buddha, leave the audiences forced to think and reflect. This then is “Buddha In showcase” .

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