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Third Flag

All the dynasties, countries, tribes and political parties have their own flags, which is a representative of their ideals. Our flag is tricolour under the shelter of which we are promised security and assurance, which proudly represents the rich history and cultural heritage of our nation.

The Britishers enslaved us some 200 years ago and we lost our identity under their flag. Consequently we were forced to adhere to their constitution caught in shackles of slavery even the greatest of Indian rulers and dynasties bowed down before the “UNION JACK”(the British flag) as a mark of respect. The question posed ahead was unanimous – was this what we were destined for? Were we waiting for this flag only?

The answer was also unanimous ‘NO’ certainly not. Few enlightened and Indians rebelled, it spread like wild five, the rebel gained momentum and became a revolution. India gained its independence and became a free nation. Now we were no longer slaves. We got our own constitution and government. The foundation of this new social set up from the view of people. It was democracy now we got our own flag – our tricolor the second flag. But change is the law of nature with time the social scenes also changed .The democracy began to lose its significance. The people have started becoming prey of corruption, exploitation, black marketing etc. Due to some wrong people everyone is suffering. Will these problems continue to be like this?

The condition of the old social set up is pathetic. We all are searching for utopia. Will we ever be able to realize the dream of that society which we were longing for? Certainly we can sincerely endeavor towards it. Let us all try to create that social set up which we dreamt of the society that shall have its own new flag i.e. third flag which shall deserve the same honor as it will now be our new shelter. Time is indeed awaiting the new awakening.

Will this time come? Will we be successful in achieving this third flag? Can our troubles, pains and sorrows ever come to an end and strengthen our faith in peace happiness, love and brotherhood.

Yes, it will, it certainly will.

These concepts have been depicted in the form of collage in a mime.

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