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Human being is self centered and all his efforts are directed towards his own selfish gains. His endeavors are always governed by self-interest and priorities. In spite of resolute self-reminders for committed human duties and values. Human mentality and ideology changes according to times and opportunities and suddenly all notions of convenient and duty become redundant.
The story dialogues and subject matter of Sadat Hasan Manto portrays the same reality of life. It was a challenging experiment to present this matter through mime. The writer had communicated the idea beautifully and effectively with the help of dialogue and presenting those dialogues without speaking was almost an impossible task. But the situations created in ‘Jebkatra’ helped us to accomplish it.
The story ‘Jebkatra’ in Dastavej-3 presents such situations only. But to portray those ideas, it was necessary to employ few fictitious characters. The story of ‘Jebkatra’ represents peace, transparency, infinity, human conflicts and struggle to adjust them.

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