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An event that shook the roots of human sentimentality where children lost out on their childhood and were thrift into adulthood, God alone knows what happens to the so-called adults of society.

Child abuse, smuggling of body parts and murder in cold blood terrified the energy of essence of childhood.

Hundred’s of children lost their lives and those who live are dying everyday every moment.

They are young, they are tender, and they are foolish for they look on, while someone snatches away their childhood, their innocence, their baby babbles, their right to mischief, their right to play and breaks and crushes their toys. Who are these peoples, those who are caught and brought to book or those who are roam free? Where do these beasts lives? On some other planet? On our earth? In our country, in our city, in the neighborhood? Near by? Or do they leave each one of us?

Nobody has an answer, no one knows, but a thing is certain the best way out is child marriage, illiteracy, and child labor.

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