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Old Age Home


It is our legacy, our heritage our tradition and the pillar of our culture. It is the milestone of our life’s journey and is inevitable and dear to us and must be treaded by us as destined. In old age we see the shadows and reflections of our past and future. The fact that it is and integral part of our being can not be denied. At times this stage of our life becomes a burden the reason being loneliness – its most painful feature.

It takes a life time to build a home and eventually when you’ve done it after crossing all social and economical hurdles – you are at the ebb of your life - unsure whether you will be able to enjoy it or would be deprived of the love and shelter you created so fondly . All you need at this final stage of your life’s journey is love, care and respect from those for whom you have spent your life.

Sometimes you get your ‘HOME ‘ and when you are not so fortunate you get an “OLD AGE HOME” where you spend the remaining days of your life in search of love, peace and ultimately – an end .

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