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  Shadow is also performing Non Mime shows, drama with dialogue some of the plays are :
    It is directed by Manoj Nair for Jabalpur "Vivechana" theatre group, on the occasion of felicitation programme of Shri Uday Prakash IN Pahal Samman at Nagpur Tana Bana is a collage of poems of Udya Prakash it is very well composed by Vivechana music artist and the music performance was live.
    Kavityatra is a comprise of poems of great poets of India like Vishnu Khare, Paash, Devtale, Agaye Etc. It reflects different moods like human sentimentality, patriotism, human frustration Etc. It is directed by Manoj Nair Concept by Shri Santosh Choubey and the music is copmposed by Santosh Kaushik and arranged by Umesh-Dharmesh. First it was staged at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal and then it got selected for Indore National Festival.
    It is a full length play written by writer Ranveer Singh and directed by Manoj Nair for NTPC Singroli at Hindi Diwas. Hai Mera Dil is a comedy mood family drama combination of confusion and miscommunication between husband and wife. It is directed by Manoj Nair and music composed by Neeraj-Mahesh.
    It is based on Biography of Mahatma Gandhi Director Manoj Nair tried to cover each and every incident of Gandhij. School children acted on the occasion of Bal Samaroh Festival organized by Swaraj Sansthan at Bharat Bhavan ,Bhopal.
    Mukti Ka Mahayaga
    It is based on collection of patriotic songs written by Shri Ramvallabh Accharya and very well composed by shri Chaurasia and directed by Manoj Nair. All songs of this collage are based on the freedom fighters of India Very well designed and very well acted by singers of Madhukali Vrindagan group of Bhopal.
    Hori Ho Brij Raj
    Directed by Manoj Nair and choreographed by some of the finest choreographer of Bhopal, concept by Shri Santosh Chaubey vice chancellor of University AISECT, Bhopal and music by Shri Santosh Kaushik. Holi is consist of bunch of 16 Songs of Brij ki Holi.
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