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Ramayana by Maharishi Valmiki is indeed the greatest epic reflecting our immortal and dynamic Indian cultural heritage. This great epic has presented before us the character of lord Shri RAM. Lord RAM is considered to be an incarnation of lord Vishnu as he is an epitome of great virtues. Ramayana has been translated in to many languages and to present it in the form of Mime was a Herculean task it was also impossible to compress the entire epic in the form of play, especially to express in mime. Factors like complex situations and time constraint also led us to be very precise in our presentation, consequently it became necessary to skip few scenes of Ramayana for this mime.

Keeping the popularity of Ramayana we have not mentioned the name of the characters in our presentation.

This is the first mythological presentation by Shadow Group and we are fortunate that we are playing this act in Pantomime genre.

We truly believe that a man can never become wise by reading or cramming the great epics but its only when he practices those great teachings in his life, he becomes wise and virtuous.

The question does God really exist or is he Non Existent? Is indeed a vital one but we can all feel his benevolent presence around us, for which we should be indeed grateful.

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