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Sevin Bhopal

Tragedy is an easy word to utter and when used in speeches elevates the standard of the speaker. The word tragedy, connects the stage artist with the famous kings of tragedy-Shakespeare and The Greeks but on the contrary uttering or just thinking of the word becomes quite impossible for person who has experienced the grief and pain of losing ones beloved and strangers to death and whose dead bodies are being piled up in the form of debris.

One such tragedy is Bhopal tragedy, which has been thousands of people loose their lives and fall to death, just like the small little insects. Here the regret being humans and no insects who lost their lives because of the leak of deadly poison being manufactured at DOW Chemicals, Union Carbide. We can't bring back the dead but fair verdict is still being awaited by the tragedy stricken people.

The battle is still on….. Today Bhopal is heading towards development in line with the metros. Multinational companies establishing and selling their products in large scale. Earlier it was poison that was being infused into the body and now it is their colorful products creeping into our lives. Beneath all these factories and development happening there are thousands of dead bodies which are buried and are haunting around crying out for justice.

Maybe someone somewhere hears it who knows?

Let tragedy be not common……………………………………..

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