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Nepathya Main Shakuntala

Enacting different roles in a play is artistic where as writing a play is as creative as moulding clay into sculpture and while writing a play the writer creates many interesting situations and characters.

The up and downs in a story heart capturing incidents dialogues of the main lead characters happy and sad events are all creatively weaned beautifully in to the play and in this creative art of staging a play emerge small characters with almost no lines to speak but their presence is very important.

As long as these mute characters are present in the form of words in the book, they take convenient place in the reader's mind but as soon as these words transferred in to live characters in a play differences in opinion start among the artists and which at one point may take the form of a quite little struggle just like an immature baby in mother's womb.

Every human being has a very good and high image of one's self and also very high expectations in life which may not happen all the time. In an attempt to get better things for tomorrow today's best is forgotten capabilities are not thought of, gets unsatisfied all the time leading to hopelessness and depression. One such depressed character is portrayed by a character in this play.

This person plays a small role in the play. Four other small but important characters deer, honeybee, fish and tiger help King Dushyant and Shakuntala to meet and these mute characters help the artist to come out of his depression in a unique way and remind him about his hidden capability, specialty and talents , enlightening these events is the play.

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